Trials Evolution: Gold Edition - Closed Public Beta Invitation
18th December 2012 @ 14:00

Trials Evolution: Gold Edition - Closed Public Beta Invitation

Are you, your friends, or your loved ones avid PC gamers and diehard Trials players? Does the thought of spending some time over the holidays helping the dev team beta test an early version of Trials Evolution: Gold Edition sound like a ‘golden’ opportunity to you? Then you are in luck, my friend.

For a limited time, we are offering sign-ups for a limited, first-come, first-serve early public BETA of Trials Evolution: Gold Edition, our upcoming PC game.

The beta is scheduled to run from December 20 through January 3.

Please visit this Forum thread for more information, including Frequently Asked Questions – or head directly to the Sign-Up Page to apply right away!

Draw Race 2 Out Now!
15th September 2011 @ 18:30

Draw Race 2 Out Now!
DrawRace 2 takes the best parts of the best-selling DrawRace and improves on them. With an all-new career mode as well as enhanced global, national and friend leagues and Leader Boards, you'll never run out of races to draw.

The basic concept of DrawRace 2 is simple: Draw your racing line. The speed of your finger defines the speed of your car. After you're done drawing, you get to watch your car race the line you drew.

Thanks to the unique feedback system, you'll improve your racing line drawing quickly as you play. Soon you'll see your finger (and car) fly through five skill levels and beat 180 challenges on 30 tracks. You'll fill your garage with 16 unique cars.

Once you master the art of drawing and racing, you'll be ready to take on the best drawracers in the world on the global, local and friend Leader Boards. You can also challenge your friends in Friend Leagues and see who has the fastest finger.

EDGE: 9/10
"It's an essential purchase, a game shot through with brilliance, and one that will live with its players for a very long time indeed."

Pocket Gamer: 9/10
"The presentational overhaul is phenomenal...This is easily one of the best-looking games on iOS... it refines a near-perfect idea to the point where it’s hard to see how RedLynx could possibly improve upon it."

Eurogamer: 9/10
"I'm considering suing RedLynx. Not for terrorising my face with offensive rubbish, but for ensuring that I get nothing done every time it releases a game. "

Gamezebo: 4/5
"DrawRace 2 is everything you could want in a sequel."

Check out more reviews here.

Video game awards 2009
19th November 2009 @ 12:00

Trials HD has received nomination for Best Independent Game.
Voting and full list of all nominees is now available at

Trials HD - Now available on Xbox Live
12th August 2009 @ 14:00

Fasten your helmet…and unlock the full version of Trials HD. This physics-based motorcycle game has over 50 brilliant tracks and amazing HD graphics, in two unique game modes.
Customize your rider, unlock bikes, climb global leaderboards, and compete with new in-game friend-scores. With the level-editor, create and share an unlimited amount of new tracks.
Trials HD is an experience you haven’t seen before!

Available Game Downloads
You can now purchase on Your Xbox 360 console will automatically download the content next time you turn it on and connect to Xbox LIVE.

Go to Xbox LIVE Arcade marketplace - Trials HD

Trials HD coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade
3rd Jun 2009 @ 11:14 pm

Trials HD coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade

June 3rd, 2009

RedLynx and Microsoft today announced that Trials HD will be released on Xbox LIVE Arcade during summer 2009. Trials HD expands the hugely popular indie-game Trials to new dimensions.

Trials HD is a full-scale, physics-based motorcycle racing game. The game features over 50 mind-boggling tracks (levels) in two unique game modes: Race and Skill. Race-mode emphasizes balance, skill and control as the player tries to tackle indoor obstacle tracks with minimum faults, as fast as possible. Skill-mode extends the riding into breath-taking, extreme stunt tracks, in which explosions, crashes, and injuries cannot be avoided. Skill-games also introduce a completely new type of in-game friend scores, unseen in any other Xbox LIVE Arcade game so far.

The highly appraised physics model of RedLynx’s Trials-game is taken even further, allowing the tracks to vary hugely from extreme stunt tracks to skill-based race tracks and physics puzzles. The game also has stunning full 3D HD graphics, rider customization, unlockable bikes, global rankings, and many other Trials HD specific features. While playing the game, players also get to enjoy the perplexing, hilarious, and absolutely fearless voice–overs from truly bone-breaking Trials HD riders: Brandon DiCamillo, Art Webb and Rake Yohn!

Trials HD also includes a level-editor with which players can create their own tracks and freely share them with their friends.

Can you handle the bruises and broken bones – and take part into a racing experience never seen before? Trials HD will be available at Xbox LIVE Arcade during summer 2009.

Fasten your helmet and stay tuned! More info to be released.

Patch 1.08 released
19th Sep 2008 @ 17:00 pm

RedLynx Trials 2 Second Edition: Ridiculous Update + New Tracks + New Languages Available Now

September 18th, 2008

Updates to RedLynx’s hugely successful PC game, Trials 2 Second Edition, have been released. The updates are applied automatically when the Trials 2 Second Edition game is started. Specific additions include:

RedLynx Trials 2 Second Edition Updates:

Perplexing, hilarious, and absolutely fearless voice–overs from truly bone-breaking Trials 2 riders: Brandon DiCamillo, Art Webb and Rake Yohn! These guys are famous not only from Jackass, Viva La Bam, movies and other shows, but they’re also the founders of, a new network for expanding gaming culture to wider audiences. Better than anyone, they know what it takes to go over the limit, get hurt – and get right back up and try again!

Multi-language support: English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, and Swedish.

Alongside the new languages, in-game chat is taken further: There are now team chats, separate chat channels for your own language and improved private messaging.

Even further improved graphics in the higher-end graphics modes, as well as a completely new graphics mode optimized for low-end machines and laptops that still provides gamers with smooth high-quality graphics and features such as dynamic and ambient lighting with baked ambient occlusion maps. The game is now fully compatible with ultra portable 7-9” mini laptops (Asus Eee, Acer Aspire One, HP Mini Note, MSI Wind, etc.).

Certified to work in triplescreen-mode up to 5040x1050 resolution with Matrox TripleHead2Go

In addition, we have released 14 new downloadable tracks – for free! The game has now over 60 tracks to play. Better fasten that helmet, you’re going to need it!

Searching beta testers for Trials 2 SE 1.08
7th August 2008 @ 12:19

We are looking for beta testers for the next version of Trials 2 SE. If you are interested in participating in testing to make the next version of the game even better, please apply.

UPDATE 13th Aug 2008: The registration for 1.08 beta testing is closed.

29th May 2008 @ 09:15 am

We have released Trials 2 Second Edition on the Valve Steam online gaming service steampowered.
The new Steam version uses the same game server as the original version, so all the players can compete against each other on the same track high score lists and play against each other's ghosts.

Additional features in Steam version:
- Steam UI integration (open Steam UI popup with shift + tab). Steam automatically handles features such as managing your friends, and displaying a info popup when a friend logs in and out or starts playing Trials 2.
- Steam friends list and the Trials 2 profiles of your Steam friends accessible in game (Teams & Friends menu)
- Track record list filtering by Stream friend list.
- Steam player custom avatar icon is visible on Trials 2 profile screen for Steam players.
- All achievements gained in Trials 2 and your Trials 2 playtime and experience show in your own Steam user page, and is visible to all other Steam users.
- Our current (licence key based) activation system has been replaced by Steam DRM system. Also on Steam version we release new tracks using the Steam content upgrade feature. Same tracks will be available on both versions.

Today we also lowered the price of the game to very affordable 9.99$. Now the money should not be anymore a barrier for anyone to get into the game.

On Steam we also offer a special 10% lower price promotion during the game release week. Now is a perfect time to get the full version!

Trials 2 Second Edition on Steam !

Patch 1.07 released
27th May 2008 @ 09:00 am

Version 1.07 of Trials 2 Second Edition has been released. The previous version of the game will patch automatically when you start it next time.

The new version contains a lot of small fixes and optimizations and a completely remade tutorial mode with 7 tutorial tracks and step by step instructions how to pass them. There are also two additional downloadable tracks available, bringing up the total track count to 51. The complete installer of the new version is available on the download page.Full list of changes can be found here.

Trials 2 SE available on Gamersgate
9th May 2008 @ 3:00 pm
Trials 2 Second Edition is now available for purchase on Swedish game site GamersGate!

Visit GamersGate

New payment methods available
22nd April 2008 @ 4:00 pm
We have added new payment options! We got customer feedback about PayPal not accepting all cards, so we added possibility to select another credit card payment processor (Gate2Shop).

Internet payments from all Finnish banks (except Sampo Bank) are now also possible.

Visit the RedLynx Store
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