Beginner's Guide

Driver position
There are two useful driver position, fully leaning back and fully leaning forward.
Both of these positions offer different advantages.

Leaning fully back
Most stable position. Also the fastest since you can use the back wheel spring to get some extra speed. Leaning back is also the easiest way to control or introduce a wheelie.
You can also do a spring jump from this position.

Leaning forward
Usually fastest at the start. Allows doing the switch jump. Most usufull while driving up steep hills since it will bring the center of gravity forward. Leaning forward is also used when cutting over low ramps to cut down air time. Usually this is preceded by leaning back and even some wheelie.

Air control and landing
Moving the center of gravity forward (leaning forward from backward position) will make the jump fly a bit further. Also flipping forward makes the jumps a bit longer and makes it possible to land even further on the extended backwheel.
Most often leaning forward is used to turn the bike in a good position and then leaning back is used to prepare for the landing impact.

Try to keep most jump low and fast. Jumping high or braking too much before the jump takes a lot of time.

Leaning back on landing means stability. Most often used way. Leaning forward is usually only useful if switch jump follows right after the landing.
Landing with a forward flip, usually on a downward slope, allows you to get a good speed boost from the back wheel kicking motion.

Back wheel landind
Leaning back, with a small wheelie angle, allows you to get a decent spring assisted speed boost. It also allows you to make spring jump bounce right after landing if nessessary.

Leaning forward, with about 80 degree wheelie angle, (aka 'pogo stick' bounce) is good if a steep upward hill follows right after the landing. The bounce keeps the speed and transfers the downward motion to upward motion that is useful in the hill.

Jumping Techniques

After you have learned the bare basics, the first thing to learn are the three most common jumping techniques. With these techniques you can jump higher and further away from ramps and edges. It's highly important that you learn all of these if you want to start play the Medium difficulty tracks and especially the Hard difficulty tracks.

Switch Jump
Doable when you are leaning fully forwards and have enough space to accelerate a bit. Accelerate first and keep the accelerator pressed until you get off. Quickly tap lean back and then immediately tap lean forward just before your front tire goes over the ramp edge. When at up hill press lean back and lean forward very shortly or you will likely flip your bike over. When downhill press the buttons for a longer time to get even higher jump height. The main usage of Switch Jump is to get much higher than you would normally get from a ramp. It doesn't help with horizontal jump distance (often actually making your jump shorter).

Video made by Zakor

Spring Jump
Doable when you are leaning fully backwards. Usable on all surfaces except on highly rising slopes. Accelerate first and keep the accelerator pressed until you get off. Just before your front wheel goes over the ramp edge, press forward and keep it pressed until the driver is fully at front position and your backwheel is in air. The main usage of Spring Jump is to get further when you jump from a ramp. It also gets you slightly higher, but not as much as Switch Jump does.

Video made by Zakor

Spring Jump Reverse
Variation of Spring Jump. Do it like Spring Jump, but immediately when your get into air press back and keep it pressed. The main usage of Spring Jump Reverse is to get over tricky ramp obstacles combinations that are not passable with either of the techniques described above, because your backwheel would touch the obstacle you are jumping over causing you fall flat on your face.

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