Getting help
There are several ways to get help with Trials 2 Second Edition.

1. Check the Frequently Asked Questions, most common questions are answered there.

2. Check the Technical support forum. Another user might have had a similar queation answered there. Also consider posting your question to the forum, that way you will get a faster reply and the answer will be available also to others.

3. Fill the contact form below.
  • With questions related to purchases, include the transaction number/receipt ID of your purchase. Please use the same email address that you used when purchasing. To protect our customer's privacy, we cannot give information about purchases to other email addresses.
  • With questions related to activating the game, please include your license key.
  • If you have lost your license key, please use the same email address that you used when purchasing.
  • With questions related to technical issues, please mention your operating system (Windows XP or Vista) and display adapter model.
  • Please write your message in English, Finnish or Swedish.

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