In more detail, Trials2 provides Trials-game fans even further developed physics model and core gameplay-features. Trials 2 two also takes advantage of RedLynx?s further developed RedLynx Theathre - game engine: Trials2 has ultra-high quality graphics mode, that uses deferred rendering to deliver impressive effects, including depth of field, ambient occlusion and per pixel realtime lighting and shadows. In addition to addictive single-player mode, Trials 2 allows players to compete with each other with global highscore lists, and allows replaying and viewing trials rides - in order to learn from the more experienced players.

Game features
  • 4 game types (race, flip, wheelie, dynamic)
  • Race: Race against other players to compete levels as fast as possible.
  • Flip: Try to make as many backflips or frontflips with your bike to reach a top score.
  • Wheelie: Drive on your backwheel for longest distance possible.
  • Dynamic: Navigate through tracks with various dynamic obstacles and puzzles.
  • 65 tracks to play:
    • 7 Tutorial tracks
    • 11 Easy difficulty tracks
    • 8 Medium difficulty tracks
    • 8 Hard difficulty tracks
    • 3 Flip tracks
    • 3 Wheelie tracks
    • 4 Dynamic physics tracks
    • 21 Free downloadable tracks
  • Global highscores
    • All time and weekly high score lists
    • Filtering by team and country
  • Online replays. Watch a replay of any high score on global high score list.
  • Ghost challenge. Play against the ghost of any other player in high score list.
  • Online player profiles with team, country and player statistics.
  • 25 achievements to unlock.
  • 3D ragdoll. When the player makes a fault he drops off the bike in realistically painful way.
  • Custom replay recording. Players can record their rides to a file that can be shared.
  • Ingame chat room
  • Gamepad support with force feedback (rumble) based on physics response
  • Several camera modes (multiple side view modes, 1st person, 3rd person, cinematic)
  • Multi-language support: English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, and Swedish
  • Perplexing, hilarious, and absolutely fearless voice–overs from truly bone-breaking Trials 2 riders: Brandon DiCamillo, Art Webb and Rake Yohn! These guys are famous not only from Jackass, Viva La Bam, movies and other shows, but they’re also the founders of, a new network for expanding gaming culture to wider audiences. Better than anyone, they know what it takes to go over the limit, get hurt – and get right back up and try again!

Engine features
  • Next-generation graphics engine utilizing deferred rendering
  • Advanced per pixel lighting and material system
  • Realistic pixel perfect dynamic shadows from all light sources
  • High resolution textures designed for Full HD (1920x1080) resolution and beyond
  • Ultra wide three monitor mode up to 5040x1050 resolution with Matrox TripleHead2Go
  • High quality post process filters: Motion blur, depth of field and overexposure light bloom
  • Dynamic screen space ambient occlusion for ultra high end graphic cards
  • Volumetric soft particles
  • 7.1 positional surround sound with doppler and reverb effects
  • Graphics mode optimized for low-end machines and laptops!

Top players
# Name Ranking
1 AkaM 6199.73
2 Degn 6199.22
3 PrimusK 6198.69
4 Haruspex 6198.48
5 pebe 6198.42

Top teams
# Name Ranking
1 Simulacra 24794.59
2 Bitchslap 24789.57
3 Timeless 24785.63
4 Berrichons 24774.49
5 Shortcut 24725.31

Top countries
# Name Ranking
1 Finland 61909.38
2 United States 61880.44
3 France 61871.65
4 Germany 61833.44
5 United Kingdom 61801.52

Latest top scores
Date Name Track Result
12 h ago JGSystems Downloadable-20: Physics Fun 00:49:70
18 h ago JGSystems Downloadable-3: Full Throttle! 00:26:75
25 h ago YoshikiTGG Easy 8: Where's the Ground 01:06:05
43 h ago gus234 Easy 10: Watch Your Landing 00:20:21
67 h ago felter Medium 7: Under Construction 00:39:76

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